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About the Photographer

Hi...It's me !




I love God...he has blessed me with my amazing life and gift...he makes me happy.

I was born in Rome, N.Y.…now I live in Zephyrhills FL. 

Yes I am a Yankee....but I love the Boston Red Soxs ;)

I have a Travel & Tourism Degree and also a Degree in Photography !

I have worked for Disney.

I have worked as an Assistant Teacher....Love Children.

I love my Family....they are everything.

I have such a passion for Animals....If I won the lotto I would give a 1,000,000 to Animal rescue! 

I feel like an old soul, but I’m truly a kid at heart.

I hate snakes...and one went thru my legs in a photo about running.

I’m not shy, but I blush when receiving compliments.

I laugh entirely too much and cry entirely too easy.

I’m ADDICTED to Sunsets & Clouds.

I love Laughing 

I’m a great listener but I can talk your ear off about nonsense.

I believe that if chocolate can’t fix it, then it’s not fixable.

I am 44 but I do not act it !!! 

I am so passionate about capturing moments and Making Art....IT FILLS MY SOUL !