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© Copyright

As the sole photographer and owner of my business I would like to make a note to past, current and future clients. All images are copyrighted by Heather B Photography and are protected by Federal Law. Do not use without photographer’s explicit permission. Including all things on the web, in print or implied. This also means copying, duplicating, scanning or reproducing photographs you have purchased from me, copying and pasting photos from the website and freeze framing (print sc) to copy the image, etc without my permission! Even if you purchase the print-the copyright still belongs to Heather b Photography-therefore, doing any of the above is still illegal.Images posted to Facebook or any other social media site by me, the photographer may be tagged and uploaded as profile pictures, however, the logo must remain intact.

Violators of this Federal Law will be subject to civil and criminal penalties to the full extend of the law.


If you are in need of additional photographs or if you have a reasonable request, please contact as they may be accommodated. I have worked very hard-don’t steal, it’s not nice! (linking must give proper credit)


Thank you for respecting this.



*Please note: there is an option for a client to purchase the printing rights to their image(s). Please contact me for more information. Wedding clients, this automatically comes with your package.